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Himani Lalwani is a leading Entrepreneur, Aesthetician, Hairstylist, MUA & PMUA and what not. Nevertheless, call her a Mompreneur simultaneously. Mothering and preserving the creativity with a vision of teaching the art by passing her wisdom to the people who still yearn to explore their true potential. A personality full of skills, be it pandora box with an essence of analytical mindset. Life gave ebbs and flows and she saw them as opportunity to be oneself.

“A happening being.”

The Visionary Woman

Here at Himani’s, we bridge the gap in education by offering short, explorative workshops for individuals of all ages to discover their creative passions. From digging into several forms of art to unlocking one’s true passion and potential, our mission is to inspire and empower individuals to explore various creative fields and pursue their dreams of becoming professional artists with us.

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We offer high-quality beauty and spa services to make your day!

We will nourish your hair and the quality of your skin, that will last your busy days. Our bright and well-designed downtown studio, complete with relaxing massaging chairs to laser technology, are a great inspiration of purity and modernity. Enjoy a cup of tea or cappuccino while we provide a top-notch service. Also, we not only offer services to men and women but also are dynamically efficient to train them.

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